Up and Down

My weight tends to fluctuate a lot during the month/week/day. I notice clothes fit me differently on different days and I always find it a bit odd. I didn’t have this problem before I was sick last year – not to the extent I do now. I am pretty sure that it is because of water retention due to the whole heart problem thing… well either that, or I am getting old. And I don’t want to think about THAT option – so I am going with the heart one.

Just this morning right before getting dressed for work (pink French cuff shirt, black skirt, black heals – no hose, because I am a rebel like that) I weighed in at 124.8. ACK! Not that there is anything wrong with this weight – or even 50, 60, 100 pounds higher. I am just saying that for ME, it is not the norm*.

I went to work and proceeded to pee a metric ton in between meetings (in the bathroom of course – duh). I knew I was peeing a lot because while peeing, someone came into the restroom, did whatever it is they did in that stall (shoot heroin? Snort some coke? Surf porn?), washed their hands and left – all before I was done. You are welcome.

I came home a mere 4 hours later to run and work from here this afternoon, and I weighed in at 119. That is pretty much 6 pounds people. In pee. Horrendous. I am thinking all of the extra salt is to blame from last nights sushi spree, but am not sure. What causes someone to gain 6 or 7 pounds OVER ONE NIGHT? Baffling.

*Please note that I don't think YOU are fat at all. In fact I don't care how much anybody weighs - I just care about my weight. In fact, I am obsessed with it. You have been warned.