I'm The Gingerbread Man

I have now run three days in a row. I also ran last weekend. This is a HUGE DEAL. Because THAT shit is HARD.

I am awfully hard on myself, so it is difficult to feel like I accomplished anything unless I am completing a marathon. And even then I tend to think about how long it took me, and why wasn’t I faster? Hi! I have issues.

I have this little habit of going through the run in my head before I actually go. I imagine the route I am going to take, how easy it will feel, what I will feel like when I get home. In my head, it is an easy run, I don’t get hot or turn purple. I run 5 or 6 miles and get home thinking I should have gone more. Contrast that with the reality – I run 1.5 miles and am certain my lungs are on fire. I stop 3 times during my 3 mile run and dump a whole water bottle on my head. I get home and NEED a nap. See the difference?

My husband reminded me of something tonight as we were walking the last few blocks (because I was tired) – I compare my physical fitness level to his. And it is true. I do. I am comparing my current abilities with a healthy man that didn’t spend a whole summer in the ICU last year. Perhaps I could just hop back into reality now and ease up on the self abuse, no?