Random Stuff

I spent a bit of time with the girls yesterday – it was their first day out of school for the summer. We ran a few errands and grabbed some lunch and then I had to head back to work. Work gets in the way of ALL THE FUN. I did pick up a shirt more expensive than I care to share, which I love. And a dress for Cassie’s graduation. So that was good. We also looked at the world’s most expensive (and soft) Yoga pants by Lulumon. Really liked those. Really didn’t want to spend $70.00 on cotton pants.

And then? Last night I ran AGAIN! I know… I am even freaking myself out over here. It was a really difficult run. The wind has been pretty fierce in Plano over the past few days and it seemed to peak yesterday, making it horrible in the first part of the run. It was like running against a wall. The back part of the run was easy, but by then I was worn out. We went further than the day before, but I am still not up to 5 miles yet. Progress is slow…

Not much else happening around here today. Cassie graduates Tuesday, so all of her graduation parties are starting tonight. She has been given the “no drinking and driving” speech so many times, that she is refusing to drive to a party tonight. I think we drove that point home well enough. She used to say that she would NEVER EVER EVER drink. Now she says nothing of the sort. So, I doubt that will remain a goal. And really – the college drinking days WERE fun. I just hate thinking of the bad things that can happen to her… it is really hard having teenagers. I am not quite prepared for all of this.

Cole has been sick with the pukies and nasty diapers for a few days now. I am hoping (eyes squished shut tight, wishing, wishing, wishing) that all THAT clears up…cause DUDE! That is gross! And also – when are they going to be freaking potty trained already? We started this shit in JANUARY. Over 5 months ago. I trained the girls in an effing weekend. There is something wrong here. Send help.

Also on the agenda next week: The girls and I are headed to Austin for a few days. Perhaps more on that when we get back depending on how things go.

And one last thing: My friend Jana is coming back from Kuwait this weekend to visit for a WHOLE MONTH!!! She hates it there and has been looking forward to this forever. So have I. CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HER!!!