Drinking my body weight in lime slushes this week may just be counter-productive to what I was trying to accomplish by working out everyday. But I DID work out every day. So that is good, right? Right? Hellooooooo....anyone?

So this afternoon I was debating the finer points of going for a run verses going to a class. I decided to go to Flex Class (same thing I did Monday that left me sore for days) only because I checked...and the evil instructor from Monday was NOT teaching today! So, YEAH!! Only she WAS teaching as a sub in place of the normal instructor. So, BOO!! She kicked my ass all over the place. In fact, right now the left half of my butt is NUMB. Now that just isn't right!

Tonight if I can stay awake past 9:00, I plan to do yoga to try and stretch out my poor aching body - which I fully planned to do last night, but fell asleep WHILE reading to the boys. I don't think I have ever done that. Freaky.