My Reflection

I used to look at parents of multiple children and think that they knew what they were doing, that they had figured it all out because they obviously had experience.

I used to believe it was important to go to church.

I used count how many books I read every year.

I used to have time to read.

I used to eat anything I wanted without thinking about how far I would have to run to burn off the calories.

I used to lay on the beach for hours.

I used to NEVER wear sunscreen.

I used to think moisturizer was for sissies.

I used to like watching hockey.

I used to like burgers.

I used to drink several glasses of wine almost every night.

I used to spend more Saturday and Sunday mornings hung over than I care to think about anymore.

I used to think I was all grown up – at 21 years old.

I used to think that 28 was old.

I used to think I was smarter than my mother.

I used to think I had complete control over my life, my destiny.

I used to think that life was fair.

I used to hate silence.

I used to think writing was for the weak.

I used to speak without thinking about the ramifications.

I used to think being responsible was optional.

I used to think that I would never, ever change.