My Exploding Head

Call from ENT office:

I am calling to remind you of your appointment on Monday afternoon.

Yes. I have it on my schedule for 2:00pm

That is correct. Do you have any films that you can bring.

Ummm, no. Just the MRI report that I faxed to you two weeks ago. You know, the one that asked you to call me so that I could be seen immediately based on the findings?

Where was that MRI done? We need to know so we can get the films.

I don’t know – but I would venture a guess that IT IS ON THE REPORT I FAXED TO YOU TWO WEEKS AGO THAT YOU OBVIOUSLY DIDN’T EVEN LOOK AT. HAVE YOU EVEN LOOKED AT THAT REPORT? (I really wanted to point out that if I were typing this to her instead of talking that she would see all of my words in CAPS. And Bold. But figured she would only ask for films of it, and well, I just might explode.)

God – they suck. SUCK. The horrendous sucking sound you most likely can hear if you stick your head outside right now? It is the medical community here in Dallas.