20 Things About Me Monday:

  1. I like it when people are nice, but not when they kiss my ass.
  2. I love raunchy jokes and am not easily offended.
  3. I expect people to do what they are supposed to be doing without me making them do it, or checking up on them. If they need help, they are supposed to ask.
  4. I don’t mind problems, as long as you are interested in helping figure out a solution.
  5. I love a challenge.
  6. I hate the mundane.
  7. I love outdoors. I love summer. It is NEVER TOO WARM.
  8. I hate being cooped up. And being cold. And snow.
  9. I like surprises.
  10. I am honestly scared in haunted houses.
  11. I love music.
  12. My favorite flower is the daisy.
  13. I hate carnations. Enough that if there are any on my grave, I will come back from the dead and haunt whoever (whomever – I just never know) put them there.
  14. If I exercised as much as I think about exercise, I would be in AMAZING shape.
  15. I wish I was still friends with the girls I grew up with.
  16. I hate doctors.
  17. I love all 4 of my kids more than anything I ever imagined possible. I would give my life for one intoxicating whiff of their hair.
  18. I am married to the funniest, most patient, sexiest man I have ever met.
  19. I cannot stand being bare-foot in the house, but like not wearing shoes or socks outside.
  20. I don’t like wearing dress pants, because I don’t think they are as sexy as skirts (GOD - how amazingly shallow of me)