6 Words Long

I read somewhere a while back about a contest or a discussion or some sort of diatribe about novels that only contained six words. There were several examples, and honestly I don’t remember any of them listed anymore…but I do know that I liked the idea. And, I have thought about it many, many times since. I have discussed it with Todd. I have thought of several. I have wondered about the stories that my six word novels would represent.

I like this idea because of all of the things that the six words don't say. All of the things left up to the imagination, I suppose. I like the mystery and the wonder of it. I like the unknown. And I like it being different for everyone. Yes, welcome to my crazy.

And finally, here is a glimpse into my crazy:

She was afraid. Then she wasn’t.

He was old and he died.

The light turned red, too late.

The shoes sat by the bed.

The ice melted. His heart froze.