FU Wednesday

Today was fucked from the start. Seriously. It could not have gotten rolling any bumpier and it just keeps getting worse. Todd got up with the boys (as he does every day – god, I love that man) and headed downstairs. Cole, while only trying to be helpful, managed to drop Todd’s computer on the tile in the kitchen, cracking it. That computer is only a few weeks old – purchased to replace the one stolen in Atlanta (I still hate you Atlanta – give us our stuff back!)

Due to some sort of scheduling mix-up, Todd and I ended up having to watch the boys today. We thought that we would have to watch them on Friday, but did not plan on today. Today is a day when we really had a TON of work to do, as we are getting ready to be on vacation 4 days next week. This always results in hectic days trying to get things in order to either complete, or turn over to other co-workers. And – here we were with one of the busiest days all freaking week, and two kids to watch on top of it. I just have to say – that it SUCKS.

It is not hard to watch the boys. At all. What is difficult is having to watch them, work on potty training, answer email, plan budgets and outlooks for work, participate in conference calls for work, make food, stop fights, wrangle toddlers – all of those things TOGETHER just really wore me down to my very last, barely hanging on by a thread, nerve. By 1:00pm I was ready to give those two hellions away to the first person who wanted them.

I am however happy to report that after an hour of alone time, I am feeling much better. So help me god, if they don’t take a nap I will have to kill somebody. Somebody about 3 feet tall who still can’t manage to poop in the god-damned potty.