Who Wears Short Skirts?

It has been crazy here…sick kids = no fun. Also, I found out that a sales project I have been working on for a year was a bust. So there is that. No moving to Austin. No big job on the horizon. Just a lot of time to find something new to do. Not ideal, but not a total loss. At least I have a job if I want it – it is just going to take some time to figure out if the job available is what I want to do.

I spent some time this past weekend (in between dealing with crazy-sick babies) cleaning the girls’ rooms. Oh dear god they were AWFUL. Messy, messy, messy. I washed every piece of clothing because I couldn’t tell what was clean and what was dirty. I washed the bedding. I dusted, vacuumed, and shampooed the carpet. I organized their dressers and even moved around the furniture. And I must say that I hope to NEVER NEVER NEVER do that again. I am not sure they appreciated the work done, but I was glad not to have the mess in the house again…

Not much else going on around here. Roark is testing out his crawling skills though. He takes a few little crawls and then ‘turtles up’ flopping onto his back and waving his arms and legs. Cute. Very cute. Cole is nowhere near interested in the crawling. He doesn’t like to work that hard. He seems content to lay on the floor playing with the edging from the play mat foamy things. That is his favorite toy. Figures doesn’t it? We spend crazy money on toys and he picks edging on a mat to be his new best friend. I imagine when he does start crawling he will make friends with dust bunnies or furniture legs.

I bought my youngest daughter some clothes at Hollister the other day. After going through all of her clothes I realized that she needed a few things – so I picked up a skirt and a few shirts and two jackets to replace some that had seen better days. Last night she tried the skirt on and declared it “WAY TOO LONG”, which – HUH? It is a SHORT white skirt. SHORT people. We had a few unkind words and she stomped upstairs. I told her I would take it and everything else back based on her attitude and I meant it. She of course claimed to be sorry…but we all know how that really goes. Either way, advantage – me. I will not be an enabler, allowing her to dress that way.