The Virus... It LIVES!

Insanity. Puking, pooping, feverish, whining, crying, clingy insanity. The rotavirus or some other relative thereof has infested our home and both boys and the dog (for God’s sake – why the dog?) are emitting substances from both ends.

Cole started the fun and spent two full days and nights demanding to be held. All. The. Time. He would not let us put him down…and if we tried? Oh my god, the hounds of hell would have felt sorry for the whimpering that he threw at us. And the fever? 103. That is HOT people. It was so, so sad. His fever is down a bit now, seemed to get better around 6 this morning (after a LONG night of holding and movie-watching) and he is right this very minute asleep in his crib.

Roark started the power-puking this morning, so we are expecting the fever and all of the other fun by evening…oh man, won’t that be FUN? OOOh - he got his first teeth last night!!! And now his first sickness. Pray for us.