Love You Forever is one creepy book. What in the world was the author thinking writing about a woman sneaking around trying to rock her grown child? That is considered stalking in these here parts. That book has the makings of Norman Bates. And that is really all there is to say about that.

iTunes is on my Hate List. I cannot download the songs I want from Hustle and Flow without buying the whole damned album. There are about 3 songs that I want – and I am not about to pay 10.00 for them…what a racket!

My daughter has apparently dealing with inappropriate behavior from a classmate of hers. She is in 8th grade and there is a kid in one of her classes that keeps trying to grab her butt, touch her chest, and other awful things. Needless to say when her dad found out, he went crazy. He heard what had been happening when he overheard her step-brother talking about it… not sure if he knows the kid, or how that came about but it is a good thing – because I don’t think she would have told us. I don’t know if she felt like it was her fault, or if she was just scared of getting that kid in trouble…or even afraid we wouldn’t believe her. We are all (myself, my husband, her dad and his wife) going to meet with the principle tomorrow and have her taken out of that class. We are then starting a formal investigation with the school system and will press charges if we can. Things like this are what lead to problems in the work place. There is NO reason why she should have to put up with that behavior from anyone – and it blows me away that nobody did anything about it yet.

Not sure what can possibly follow that up – so I am out.