We were all sitting around the table last night eating dinner, as we do most every night. The boys were getting tired of eating and had begun whining and playing. Suddenly, Cole began a rhythmic chanting of “Da-Da, Da-Da, Da-Da” and I do believe that the skies opened up and a ray of sunlight shone directly down upon him. My husband turned to him and immediately asked what he wanted…as in “I will buy you whatever you want because, oh dear god, you said Da-Da!!!!!” It was cool. And he continued to Da-Da himself silly until bedtime. He says other sounds like “nanana” and “nmnmnmnmn” as well as other little noises…but they don’t have the impact that Da-Da does. So now Cole jabbers and Roark crawls. They are almost 10 months old, so it is not like this is setting any records, anywhere. But – to us they are fantastic accomplishments.