The other night we were talking about drinking games. Of course the usual ones surfaced – Quarters, Bizz/Buzz, Bullshit, Spades, Chandeliers. And then there was the the horribly famous I’ve Never game. HATE. THAT. GAME. Yet – love it secretly. Based on that, here is my list of I’ve Nevers. These are things I have never done. Ever.

Been in a band
Been back stage at a concert
Ridden in a hot air balloon
Traveled to Europe
Sung karaoke
Been fired from a job
Had my picture taken while naked
Made out with a member of the same sex
Been arrested
Snuck out of the house
Fallen asleep at work
Gotten a tattoo
Served detention
Been suspended
Pole danced (professionally or for fun)
Run over an animal
Worked in a bar
Dressed up as a man
Had sex for money
Had sex at work (not in the building anyway – although I have always wanted to on one of those really huge conference room tables)
Met my biological parents
Run from the police

And the more interesting (and condensed) list of things I have done (not all of which am I proud of):
Gotten my navel pierced
Had a party when my parent was gone
Drank before I was 21 (contain the shock)
Told a lie
Slept in a bed with a member of the same sex
Seen someone die
Been in an earthquake
Been in a car accident
Asked someone to kiss me
Broken a bone
Fired a gun
Had an affair (welcome to my closet – meet my skeleton)
Drank a whole 1/5th of alcohol (Seagram’s Gin via beer bong…and then threw up for 3 days straight)
Assaulted a pizza vendor for not having pepperoni
Gotten drunk on 2 glasses of wine (fairly recently in fact)
Gone skinny dipping
Pierced my own ears (that hurt a bit)
Had a fake ID (oh so many, many years ago)
Dated someone at least 10 years older than me (the guy, who owned a bar and was 16 years my senior, actually worked part time WITH my mother in real estate – imagine her horror…she was happy not much came of it)

Your turn!