You Can Leave Your Hat On

The girls gave me some bath and body stuff for Mother’s Day. And I LOVE bath and body stuff. I do. I am not a huge fan of body spritz…because I wear perfume and hate the idea of mixing smells, so I was not thrilled about that one thing…but today I sprayed some on, because that is what parents do. We pretend that we love everything our kids give us. And do you know what? That stuff, and I almost choke as I am typing this, had GLITTER IN IT. I took one look at myself and realized that I was the embodiment of a stripper who had not had time to wash off the glitter after her shift.

I took ANOTHER shower. And do you know what? They take the staying power of that glitter VERY SERIOUSLY. It didn’t budge. Either that or there were layers of the stuff and I only skimmed the surface. Regardless, I actually have a day job (apparently in ADDITION to my night job) so I had to quit trying to do away with the glitter and go to work.

As documented here, this is not the first time that this has happened to me.

I have already had one suspicious run-in with a guy in the coffee room. He simply stood there openly staring at me. And, well…I am not that cute, so I knew it was the glitter that had his attention. I wanted to tell him that NO, he could not have tickets to the show tonight. But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.