Oh my ear..my ear...my ear. What to say about it really? It is a pain. In my head. I would really like it removed. Do they do that somewhere? I would like to sign up for an earectomy.

I was referred to another ear specialist because my current doctor does not handle complex ear reconstruction, which I guess she thinks I need. So I went to the new clown earlier this week. He didn't look at the records she sent. He didn't look at the CD with the CT Scan on it. He didn't really do much of anything except take out the tube (without any anesthetic - will KILL him for that) and tell me to come back in three weeks. No - I am not kidding.

Now, my ear has been bleeding for three days, is still leaking and smelling like wet dog. Yes, I am sexy.

Today I was at the point where I was going to just quit with the doctors, because they are useless. However my husband wanted me to see one more - one his doctor recommended. So I am going to. But first, I am collecting all of my medical records for the past few years that have anything to do with my ear...so that I can show the whole ugly picture and hopefully get some relief.

In the process of getting the medical records, I had to go back down to the hospital where I spent last summer - which I hated... but I picked up some scans of my head and neck that they did when I was on the vent. The report states that there is possible concern about the mastoid being infected at that time, and the radiologist urged the doctor (in his report) to investigate further. Which they did not. Interesting no? Idiots.

So I have a few more images and reports to gather and then we will see what this next guy says. Then? I am going to cut it off myself. I pierced my own ears when I was little - I think I can handle it.