Champagne Supernova

As predicted, Todd took one look at the computer and fixed iTunes (and he arrived with flowers - smart man). Which makes me happy...but what in the hell is wrong with me that all of that technology baffles me these days? I used to fix stuff FOR A LIVING! How does all of that aptitude for the things in the magic boxes just up and disappear? And yes, I realize that by calling it a magic box, I am revealing just how long it has been since I could fix a computer. Still...baffling.

Right now, Saturday morning at 10:00 am, I am sitting at the computer, eating a bagel, listening to Oasis while doing nothing. There are no kids in the house. I have no errands to run. There is nothing that I HAVE to do. I must say that it is everything I hoped it would be.

Yesterday was a pretty rough one for me. I don't know if I am getting a bug or just stressed out, but I spent the day in such a foggy haze of sleepiness, and then the evening sick, sick, sick. I felt a bit better by bedtime, but had a fitful night of sleep full of really strange dreams. I hate days and nights like that. They really make the rest of the weekend feel like catch-up to just feel normal.

This weekend we are headed out for a few days to spend time with family. We are invading Todd's dad and step-mom for a few days, and should have a blast. The boys love Nana and Papa and are looking forward to swimming, playing at the park, and just hanging out with them. We are looking forward to all of those things too...and hopefully we will sneak away one evening for dinner out. Not sure where, but I am pushing for sushi.

And that is it for the weekend plans. What about you?