Hey, Batter Batter!

We are going to a Rangers game tonight. The boys are are excited. Todd is excited. I doubt the girls are excited, and I am, well, indifferent. I am happy to see my dad and Vivian. I am glad we are all spending time as a family. And I even am glad we are going to a game - but it is an hour away, starting at 7:00pm, tickets are expensive, parking is expensive, gas prices are insane.

When did I get so old that I care about time, or tickets, or gas? When did I cross over to this person who would prefer to stay here, read to the boys at 8:00, throw in a movie and be a vegetable until bedtime? When did I stop getting excited about a night out with the family? Perhaps it is just a lack of excitement about the actual baseball.

A critic once characterized baseball as six minutes of action crammed into two-and-one-half hours. ~Ray Fitzgerald, in Boston Glove, 1970