Roark the Professional Snowboarder

Roark visited with the orthopedic surgeon this morning. Nice guy. Apparently his kids go to our pediatrician…small world.

The doctor said that it is hard to see breaks in the growth plate until they start to heal, so he has put Roark in a boot for a few weeks, and then they will x-ray it again. When they took off the splint, his foot was all bruised, so the doctor said that something is definitely wrong, but he cannot say if it is torn ligaments or a break…regardless, he said he treats both the same way. Seeing that, it doesn’t really matter what is wrong in my opinion.

So, they outfitted him with a Wee-Walker boot, that looks a lot like a snowboarding boot to me. Hopefully the boot will work better than the splint/cast thing he had on, because this morning before we went to the doctor Roark was crying about his foot hurting. I imagine that is because we are incapable of keeping him immobile and the splint didn’t do a very good job of keeping his foot safe. We will see though.