Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha' Gonna Do?

As I was reading to the boys tonight, Todd noticed a fire truck in front of our house. So we went about the normal bedtime ritual ignoring things that were none of our business.

Oh! What? You don’t believe me? Rightfully so… We took the boys outside so that they could worship at the place of all things fire and police related. Well that, and to gawk at the neighbors. You can never get enough gawking in you know.

The neighbors have had a rocky few months. They were separated for a while and I believe they have filed for divorce, however fights over property and money have left them like two stubborn Zaks refusing to budge until the courts make them. This has led to a bit of animosity on the home front, which has translated into what appears to be domestic abuse. We had heard of one other visit from the police to their house, but were not around to witness it. Tonight they were sporting one fire truck, one paramedic truck, and two police cars. They really know how to have a party.

As we were standing in the front trying to see if everyone was ok, the lady called me over and asked me to take her to the 24 hour clinic to get a cut stitched up. The paramedics said it needed to be looked at, and so I agreed. She seemed a little off, quite paranoid and in a hurry to leave so I went and got the car. By the time I had the car pulled around front she was being questioned by the police. She handed me her purse and told me not to let anyone have it. Odd. I then went and waited by the paramedics while she and her family were questioned.

The scene was something that will most likely show up on Cops at some point. Man outside with beer belly and no shirt. Daughter standing in the lawn crying. Son running around trying to figure out what to do. Dog running around crazy. People slamming doors, screaming. A lady with blood all over her too-big shirt, eyes glassy.

In the end, I didn’t take her anywhere. She was arrested and taken away in a lovely little police car, all the while yelling at her soon to be ex-husband that she was pressing charges. I gave her purse to her step-son, and took the boys back inside to finish reading books. What a trip.