Random List of Things about Mexico

List of random things from Mexico:

  1. 1/5 of tequila can be easily consumed by two people within the course of a day (I am not saying I was one of those people….which also doesn’t mean that I wasn’t one of those people)
  2. There was more beer consumed by my husband and I in 4 days than in the past two years. Combined.
  3. I witnessed a sunburn the likes of which I have never before seen - if you see a man wondering around Plano with BRIGHT RED skin, it is my husband. The light-skinned man who thought he didn’t need sunscreen on his legs.
  4. We created a new drinking game - every time someone tries to sell you something on the beach, you have to drink. See item 1 above to for the results of this HORRIBLE and yet wonderful game.
  5. Rocky Point is expensive.
  6. It is also the arm pit of Mexico. Akin to a very large Sneaky Petes – which might make sense if you are from the Dallas area.
  7. They will sell ANYTHING to you on the beach. For 10 times what it is worth. And they don’t like to be told “no” – it appears to mean “come back in 5 minutes and ask me again”
  8. You can read a lot when there are no babies interrupting you.
  9. You cannot read a lot when you are drunk.
  10. It is more fun to be drunk than to read.
  11. Hangovers are a bitch.
  12. Drinking more helps with number 11.
  13. Getting naughty in the shower is fun.
  14. Getting naughty anywhere when you are too drunk to remember it is… well, I don’t remember.
  15. Mangos on a stick RULE.
  16. Mushrooms cooked in cilantro chili lime sauce also RULE.
  17. Pretty much every other kind of food we ate didn’t so much rule as it did suck.
  18. Except for the Mexican Oreo Cookies – which totally ruled. Although I was mostly drunk. So maybe they didn’t… ?
  19. Roger Clyne put on a fairly decent concert, although it was crazy crowded and they (you will NOT believe this)… RAN OUT OF BEER … midway through the concert. Seriously – who does that?????
  20. They sell beer everywhere in Mexico – which helped with #19.
  21. Street tacos are best when drunk.
  22. You don't want to forget to get your passport which is in your backpack (in the trunk) prior to arriving at the US boarder on your way out of Mexico. If you do, be prepared for a lecture - the likes of which you have not heard since talking back to your mother in junior high school - by a crazy boarder guard that appears to want to see you either locked up or dead. I believe either would make him happy.
  23. There are people drinking beer at 6-fucking-am in Mexico. All. The. Time.
  24. I was one of them.
  25. I rule.