I enjoy writing. I like having my ideas ‘out there’ for others to read and comment on. I like feeling like I belong to something bigger than myself. It just feels...good. However I don’t really know where to draw the line between blogging and my work / personal life.

We have all read about that person who was fired from their job for disclosing too much information about their lives on their blog. So there is something to be learned from that. We also do not want to hear all about someone’s personal life only to find out that the person you feel so connected to is the freak two cubes over with smelly feet and bad body odor. So – how much should you share online? Where do you draw the line? And – how can you possibly bare your soul while trying to protect your anonymity? A bit of a conundrum, no?

I am not sure how to do this well. I have never been very successful with the work/life balance thing, and now that I have an online journal it is even more muddled. How much to share / how much to hold back... If I share everything, there is a good chance that either a) the company I work for will be a little miffed and quite possibly fire me or b) people from my personal life will figure out who I am and dislike certain things I talk about. Either way it is lose/lose – so what have I gotten myself into?

What do I think? I think it is liberating to talk about my personal life and work. I like to vent. I like to seek others’ opinions and I enjoy the feedback. I love a good controversial discussion (as long as I am right!) and look forward to throwing my ideas out for others to think about or even dismiss. It feels good to share. However I am certain that I need to figure out where the boundaries are and try to stick to them.

In conclusion, I am an idiot and have no clue what to do. So, there is that.