I am 5’ 5” and 126 pounds on a good day. This morning I was 128.5.

I have brown hair and dark, dark brown eyes.

I have olive colored skin that looks greenish when I am not tan. Not really a good look in the dead of winter.

I have ‘runners leg’ – which means that my legs are tan but, because I wear socks and running shoes when running, my feet are white. Looks very sexy when I wear sandals or dress shoes…ooh baby – hella greenish feet and tan legs…what a hottie!

I don’t wear very much makeup. I wear blush and eye liner. In the winter I usually wear some sort of base to combat the evil olive skin which I speak of above. Sometimes I wear mascara. Usually I put on lipstick in the morning if I am going to work, but I don’t put it on any other time during the day. I have worn eye shadow about a dozen times in my life – and it was always a bad look for me (read: 80’s blue eye shadow applied WAY TOO DARK). I do use perfume – I wear Issey Miyake and Vera Wang sometimes. Burberry Brit is my newest one – which I love.

I prefer jeans and a t-shirt to anything fancy, however I cannot get away with this at work (except on Friday). I like to push the limits here – wearing sleeveless dresses and flip-flops just to stir things up…amazing how stuffy this place is. People literally FREAK OUT when you don’t obey the dress code…and yes – there is a dress code here. Crazy place. When I first started working here 9 years ago, they had just started allowing women to wear pants… No – I am not kidding.

I am a type A personality – meaning I like to be in charge, or at least seem to end up that way in work most of the time. I fit well in my job working with our customer, handling issues, doing senior management kinds of things. I enjoy a good argument, and I prefer to win. I don’t mind competition and like a challenge. I tend to get bored quickly though – so things have to stay interesting…

And well – that is pretty much me.