Certainty in an Uncertain World

It seems trivial to write about Mother’s Day, or my children, or anything in the face of this news about Cancerbaby.

The world is now home to a husband without a wife, a mother and father without a daughter, and many people with a hole in their heart. It is sad, and sad, and sad.


My mother was a good woman. She was killed by cancer.

My father was – and still – an idiot. He is perfectly healthy.

The world we live in is an interesting place. I am not sure that it is much more than that though. This world is a place in which we live. We can try to learn from our experiences here. We can try to make this world a little bit better for those that come along after we are gone. Or we can simply exist and fade away. I am not sure that any of our choices have much bearing on how things happen, why things happen, or even what things happen.

A few things I am certain of:
Good things happen to good people
Good things happen to bad people

Bad things happen to good people
Bad things happen to bad people.