Journal Entries From My Mom - Weirdo

His face is painted like a clown. He carries a doll with a wand on it. His voice sounds like a 6 year old belying his near adult stature. His clothes – black tuxedo – look odd in contrast to the bland garb of the crowd. His silver shoes with 2 inch platforms do cause unmasked stares. He approaches a group of vacationers sitting in the park listening to the rock group. The conversation he initiates is so bazaar and inappropriate. Certainly he hears the conversation and comments. As he wanders through the groups of families and friends relaxing in the grass, "Boy, who is that weirdo?" seems to typify the reactions.

Who indeed is this young person – male or female is not really established. Where is he/she from? Where or what was the family like that produced him/her? Did he/she dance and play on the beach like the children here today? Is this person here enjoying the performances he /she is presenting or is this his/her reality? Who knows and sadder yet, does anyone care?