Journal Entries From My Mom - Unknown Date

Dear Journal

Today I had a really interesting conversation with a co-worker, Barb. She jokingly mentioned at the end of one of our rare "real sharing times" that I should talk with one of the other employees, Sharon. "Sharon met a man and lost 35 pounds. She's a new woman." Wow, I thought, sounds good to me. So I met Sharon and we had a good old fashioned "girls talk." The rumor was that Sharon has a new outlook on life, weights "25" pounds less, and has a man friend who seems to meeting many of her needs. We talked, I again became aware of my fiercely ____ attitude. How many compromises would I make to _____ relationship? Not many. Would I be willing to make a time commitment to a man? How ____ am I in seeking a ____? I don't know.