Journal Entries From My Mom 3-13-87 through 3-15-87


Talked with Annette. States her house was broken into 3/5. Nothing taken. Feels this is no coincidence and is related to Char. Very frightened. Unwilling to be home alone.

Class night. All went well with group!

Estelle came in early to say my job has been abolished - Lovettia (?) also. Talke with Pat and Kristin. Very supportive. All Lonnie wants is my company card.

Talked with Char, Shawn and Lisa in late pm. Gave me name and number of Tom Hennessey - the slanderer. Also 3 instructors Dr. Yarber (Death and Dying; Dr Weiskopf (Psych); Gary McLain.

I had phoned Roger earlier to find out how to handle tracer with police. Gary had not phoned. Roger agreed to contact IU concerning refund of tuition. I said Char had decided to withdrawal. I am to contact Rape Squad at the police department and phone him Sat with instructors names. Phillips flaky on phone.
Talked with Carol Bogol regarding 4E - Chris delighted and to see her tomorrow am.