Journal Entries From My Mom 3-9-87

12:15 Char phoned – Rich is seeing her attitude as being bad. She is unable to concentrate and retain info for her psych exam. Talked with English professor and was told he had been informed by Deans office concerning whole situation. He had been instructed by Dean's office to encourage her to leave school. Stated she had been a good student and would give her earned grade – Very depressed.

5:15 Annette phoned to ask description. Man had been in last night and today who is "creepy" and "strange." He talked about buying shoes there 6 months ago and wanting another pair. Talked about being here from Bloomington – with a woman – dark, attractive, with woman – wedding band.

Gave her Roger's number. Gave her Geoff's number. He had offered to see her for free.

1P Saw Geoff – good ventilation

5:30 Talked with Roger, told about Annette and English professor. Gave me name of support group.

9 Char called – English professor had something so awful he heard from an Ashton manager concerning her. Wants to wait until her exam tomorrow to talk with her. She still unable to concentrate.