I am thankful for so many things, and yet it is so much easier to focus on the things that drive me crazy, things that I cannot stand. This definitely supports what I am feeling - that I want to - need to - change my life. Why this is, I do not know. But I refuse to fight it. So -- I will use this opportunity to dwell on those things for short while, figure out how to fix or at least IMPROVE them, and move on.

Family: While I have focused on keeping my family together, functioning, hearts all beating, I have not really spent time improving one on one relationships with those closest to me. I want to spend more time with each person in my life, really lsitening to them and learning from them...not merely existing along parallel tracks. Even my 3 year old boys have things to teach me if I would just watch and listen.

Fitness: This has always been an outlet for me, something I was good at, something that I felt good about. Now I need to tap back into that and set some lofty goals I can feel good about achieving. I have picked out a 1/2 marathon and will work toward a full next year.

Food: We as a family need to get out of the quick and easy eating habits and get back to eating well. We have gotten lazy and are not setting great examples for those around us.

Work: I absolutely MUST figure out what I want to be doing, what makes me happy, and start doing it. I cannot continue to be miserable or just 'existing' in this part of my life. I have been lazy and just followed whatever path fell in front of me. That has to stop now. I need to make some conscious decisions about where I want to be 5 and 10 years from now and actually do something about it. Even if I am not a raging success, I will be happy.

Finances: It felt good to know we had a plan to be debt free, and to see it on the horizon. While the timeline is now longer, I need to remain diligent in being careful in this area so that we can put our kids through college and actual retire someday. It isn't all about the 'now' right?

How about you? What are you going to change?