The State of the Union

I am a fairly conservative person when it comes to politics. I tend to not want to rock the boat...keep things calm, manageable, stable. I am definitely not a bleeding heart liberal, but find as I age that some of the bleeding heart stands make a lot of sense. And that is what made this election difficult for me. My mind said McCain. It was the known choice. He might not do great things, but we know what to expect and it isn't the worst thing ever. I was all right with that.

But something happened last night...something I didn't expect. Obama won and I was excited. Which kind of blew my mind a little. Todd and I were talking about it, and I feel like this: While I wasn't excited about McCain, I was OK with him being president. He wouldn't change much. He wouldn't rock the boat. He wouldn't do anything to embarrass our country. But Obama - he has a chance to be a legendary leader. He has the ability to shock the hell out of us, to stir things up, to make a huge impression on our lives. And that makes it interesting.

I like interesting.