Morning Isn't Far Away

I don't seem to be sleeping very well lately. Too much on my mind, and I think I could use a along break from all things requiring my attention for a few days. Or a month.

Brittany's custody issue is cleared up, but now we have to actually find a way to help her cope with her recent realizations. Not an easy task. And also, she has been withdrawn from school. Yes, I suppose she is officially a high school drop-out at the moment. Status as a mother =FAIL. We are going to enroll her in Texas Tech ISD, an online school so that she can get caught up. There was no way to send her back to a full schedule having been out for 5 weeks and have any hopes of her passing. Our options were limited. Very limited. She was of course interested in un-schooling, which makes me laugh. Seriously. That isn't school. It is sleeping late and playing video games. Fun? Yes. School? No.

The plan now is to do the online thing for the rest of this semester and possibly the rest of this school year and then go back. It takes two weeks for admissions and enrollment to be complete though, so time is just ticking by.

We took the house off the market - but for some reason are hell-bent on keeping it pristine - so that is fun. It is difficult to keep the house picked up and clean when there are 6 people, 2 cats, 2 dogs and fish here. The fish are not much of a problem, but I threw them out there so that you would feel sorry for me. Did it work?

And then there is the issue of our 2 3-year-old boys won't stop pooping in their pants. This one really kills me. They are un-trainable! I firmly believe that we received broken models from the hospital and really should send then in for repairs or replacements. Who's with me?

Oh, and I may have I missed open enrollment for 2009 benefits throughout this whole mess, so we might be getting a "surprise" coverage option this year - always a fun route to take. God help me.