Thanksgiving was nice in a way. The actual holiday was great, while the days following brought the death virus to various members of the family. I am pleased to be holding down food after a few rough days. Hoo Boy, we know how to do the holidays up right around here.

We did somehow manage to get our Christmas tree decorated in the midst of sickness, and it looks nice. You know, for the first week where we actually remember to water the damn thing.

Work is a mess. I was passed over for a promotion, I have a new boss, and I had to lay people off. Fun all around.

Christmas shopping status: all big gifts for Christmas and birthdays are purchased and on their way. I am still working on stocking stuffers and am sadly deficient there. Needs work. Might just give up and leave the rest for Todd to do. (The more I think about that idea, the more I like it...)

Running Update: Nothing to see here. Move along. I hope to do The Shred-Level 2 tomorrow. That's it. No running. Not tomorrow. Maybe Wednesday.