My Hunger

I don’t have internet access right now, so in my down time between projects I cannot read the news or do anything else substantial. Kind of annoying if you ask me…which you didn’t, but still. As a result I have been catching up on to-do lists and emails and of course doing a lot of writing about things that are not very interesting. I could write about the new cell phone I just ordered, or the Bluetooth headset that I want – but nobody cares – not even me really. So now what? I have not had the luxury of time and lack of content in a while – this may cause me to get creative…oh, the horror!

I am sitting at someone else’s desk today so that I will have network connectivity (although as mentioned above, it is limited). On their desk are antibacterial wet ones, Lysol sanitizing wipes, desk cleaner and Lysol spray. Fear germs much? I should sneeze on everything just for fun. That or lick the phone. Eww…grossed myself out. No phone licking. Will save that for my son Cole. He licks windows. I don’t know why.

People appear to take 3 hour lunches here, and when they are here they are talking about sports and drinking and other miscellaneous bullshit. I miss working in an open office arrangement like this…I am in a closed office and have no real interaction with other people during the day. I miss the miscellaneous bullshit.

I am going to drink wine tonight. And then…I am supposed to go jogging. The wine drinking will be fun. The jogging is going to suck. Bad. Maybe I could skip it tonight and just run longer in the morning… how lazy does that make me? And how bad am I that am already planning this at 3:00pm in the afternoon? All I can say about that is I wish to GOD that it was 5:00 and I was out the door to happy hour NOW. But alas, I have 2 more hours of meetings before I can leave. Stupid work. Gets in the way of fun all the time.

Carnations are ugly.

Elaborate picture frames take focus away from the pictures in them. All picture frames should be simple.

There is a guy on the phone who stutters. Is it wrong that I want to complete all of his sentences just to move the damn conversation along? Yes…it is wrong. I am going to hell.

There are no good radio stations in Delaware. None. While listening to the radio this morning I had to keep flipping stations looking for something I could tolerate and I never really found anything. And on every freaking one of them the DJs would interrupt the song at the end – before it was really over and would start talking. Do they know that we don’t care that they are even at the station? I want to hear the music. Just the music. I don’t want to hear them sing along, or tell stupid jokes. The fact that they talk at all is a big giant pain – the less they say, the better. It cannot help their ratings.

Is it bad to keep bottled water around for a long time after it has been opened and you have had some of it? Don’t germs get in there and grow?

I am hungry.

I wish I could leave work right now, go running and then be ready for happy hour at 5. That is what I truly wish. I could manage to get out of here by 3:45, which could get me back to the hotel by 4, then I could run, shower and get to the restaurant around 5:30 – a little late, but would work. I am seriously thinking about doing that. This way I could run and drink, and still run in the morning… win/win right? But – there is the issue of “the guilt”. I would leave here, hot-tail it to the hotel and then feel like I should work instead of run, and then I have gained nothing except more work. How is that fun? Exactly! It is not.

Did I mention the hungry? Because I am really hungry. I blame the steroids. Another reason I should skip running. I am sure that I am eating more than I should and the steroids are going to make me retain water and gain weight. I keep waiting (not waiting so much as dreading really) for the “moon face” that is supposed to accompany the prednisone side effects. Cannot wait for how attractive that will be.

This past weekend I did the creatinine pee challenge. This is where you pee in a gallon container for 24 hours and then take it to the doctor’s office where they take your pee, draw some blood and send you on your way. Love the tests that seem to never yield any results…especially tests that require me to store my pee in a container in the refrigerator for a whole day. So gross. So, so gross.


Maybe thirsty. But mostly….hungry.

This call I am on is boring me to freaking TEARS. Must find something else to do.

American Idol is on tonight and I am going to miss it. It is my true addiction and I won’t get to see it. It is being recorded at home, but I don’t think I will get to see it and I am out of town next week so I will miss that one too. What a bummer.

OK – I am out of here. Going to move up my last meeting by ½ hour, finish up, go running and show up late to happy hour. Go me.

Went to happy hour – which turned into many long happy hours. I had a great time which was completely unexpected – work is usually not a thrill a minute. I had too much to drink but didn’t end up with a hangover, so score points there. I didn’t however run this morning as I had planned so now I once again have that to look forward to before dinner. Ugh.

Just finished eating...picked the meat off of a pizza that they served at happy hour and polished off two glasses of wine. All free. Thank you very much. Still hungry.