My Perfect Boys

Todd is participating in some work activities this week that have found him up at 4:30am and home quite late. Last night this meant that the boys and I were on our own…which typically sends me into a fetal position crying for my mommy. OK, so it is not that traumatic but the evenings when one of us is on our own are certainly more of a challenge than when we are both present and accounted for. I came home with carry-out, knowing that cooking and cleaning up with little toddlers reaching for everything, climbing onto and into everything, and wanting to be picked up would suck ass. Dinner was quick and good, which was a win-win for all involved.

After dinner I thought we would go outside, or play inside – however Roark decided that the only thing appealing to him was 1) removing his shoes, 2) removing his pants so that, 3) he could take off his diaper. No, I don’t know why. He just wants to be naked. And then he wants to pee on the floor like a puppy. This of course led me to putting them in the bath quite early, because after the bath comes feety pajamas which zip up. So Roark cannot take them off. Thank GOD he has not mastered the zipper. I cannot imagine how we will contain his parts when that happens…

After their bath – which was cut short because Roark wouldn’t stay in the tub – they hung out in the living room with their cups of milk and watched American Idol. I know what you are thinking…you think that I watched American Idol while they ran around like wild men – and that would normally be the case…but for some reason they just sat there beside me, playing with stuffed animals and WATCHED THE SHOW. They were cuddly and cute and sweet and and and…amazing. At 7:45 after they had lounged on me lifeless for about 15 minutes I asked if they wanted to go night-night. They both got up and went to the door that leads upstairs. And those little boys got in bed….and….went to freaking sleep.

Last night was the most relaxing evening I have ever had with them on my own.