My Dorkitude

I am supposed to be reviewing my outlook and focusing on February financials in my free time at work, and yet I don’t seem to be able to get excited about it. I am out of town at one of our locations for a few days – in meetings about ½ the time, which should allow me to get some serious work done and yet…and yet… the motivation. Where is the motivation? Did someone steal my motivation? Because, that is just not funny!

I got into town yesterday evening and actually managed to go running. I was surprised at myself for going, and glad that I did. I had not eaten all day and was starving, but thought that if I ate first I would never run at all, so I headed out right away after unpacking. Once I got back I wasn’t hungry anymore, but forced myself to eat something so that I wouldn’t wake up STARVING to death at 2am. It didn’t help though – I have been crazy hungry all day long. I managed not to eat breakfast due to the traffic from hell (took me 27 minutes to go 5 miles), however lunch didn’t bring much self control. I had a bowl of crab soup and ½ a chicken salad sandwich. I would have eaten twice that but there was no more. I am still hungry… I am a pig. If you listen really closely you will hear me oinking from all the way over here in Delaware. OINK!

God I am a dork.

I miss the boys. It is tough being away from them. And my husband. I like having dinner together and going to bed together. I really love my home life, and travel makes me miss it so much. Cannot wait to go home on Thursday. Although, I will get home, pack and then leave Saturday for a week in Portugal…but the whole family is going so that will be better than work travel. I am looking forward to the vacation, but dreading the long plane trip with the boys… we have purchased a portable DVD player and a few DVDs that may entertain them for all of ½ minute. Now we have to figure out how to fill the remaining 28799.5 seconds Any ideas? We are going to be scouring the kitchen for novelty items based on this suggestion (sundry.com) – and will definitely be bringing a wire wisk along with measuring cups and whatever else doesn’t look like it will cause too much bodily harm. I was also thinking of going to the local dollar store and picking up miscellaneous stuff to occupy there time. We will see what I have time to do in the day and a half I am home.