My Trip

I am at the airport in the bar. It is 9:30am and my flight is not until 11:45. Can you say “bit of a wait”? Horrible talk shows on the bar TV, alcoholics signing up for their first drink of the day, and grumpy travelers are everywhere.

I have been lucky on this trip. I accomplished what I came here for and had a nice time with my employees, many of whom I now consider friends. I like feeling like the travel was worth it – especially after a night like last night. Last night. Oh, last night. I am not proud of myself. In fact, I have no idea what really happened. I was sitting on the sofa in the hotel room watching TV (switching between American Idol and Friday Night Lights – FNL won out…it is WAY more interesting) working a little, spacing a little…really doing nothing when it hit me. I was an emotional basket case. I would see kids on TV and get all teary eyed because, oh holy hell I missed my kids. Then I would see a marital fight or someone make up and I would start getting misty because, I missed my husband. Then I started feeling like an idiot for being such a wreck and that made me feel worse. It ended in full-swing crying for no known reason. I have to blame the damn prednisone, because there is no other explanation. Have you heard the saying “the dog food commercial made her cry”. Hello. I cried at a dog food commercial. Because…I missed my dogs.

Luckily the whole teenage crying drama thing ended quickly. I took a shower and watched basketball (UT and A&M – go Horns!). There wasn’t really any reason to cry during the ball game – except of course when they went into the SECOND overtime and I was so tired from the crying and the working that I almost cried again. I ended up falling asleep before the game ended – which is probably for the best.

Here’s to travel and prednisone.