Popper Parade

10:05pm on a Wednesday night. Just got on a conference call. It is scheduled to run until 6am. Lets not discuss how insane this is getting.

When I came home tonight from work, the boys were in the back yard, playing in the dirt, swinging the hammock, climbing on their swing set, licking rocks (yes, you read that right – they lick rocks…NO – I don’t know why… so stop looking at me like that), and being generally cute.

They do this really, really cute thing in the mornings now. They have these toys that you push around and they have little balls in them that pop. They look like a little vacuum cleaner. Anyway – they boys will walk single file around the room in a circle pushing these things, all the while giggling. We like to call it the “popper parade”. It sure beats the days of screaming and laying around like a lump!

Update on the girls:

Have I mentioned that they have a mean, mean dad? No? Please – let me elaborate. My oldest daughter was told she couldn’t drive her car over here – so I have to pick them up and take them to school in the mornings they are here now. He actually wanted me to take the younger one to school and drop the older one off at his house so that she could then drive herself to school and they wouldn’t have to pick her up. He just won’t let her drive over here – because it is convenient for me – and he is an ass. Anyway, I decided that I would not take her to his house, because the divorce document says that I am to delivery her to school – and I am sticking to it 100% (or doing my best, anyway). Here is the kicker – last night my daughter called me and said that her dad was making her take the bus home on the days I take her to school, because I won’t take her over there. Keep in mind – SHE HAS A FREAKING CAR. And – this would mean she has to change her school schedule so that she gets out in time to take the bus… And do you know why he was doing this? He claimed it is because her step-mom (who doesn’t work) was too busy to pick her up. SAY WHAT? Amazing.

So – I have caved and agreed to take her to her dad’s. I didn’t at first. My initial reaction led me to tell her that I was sorry, but she would have to take the bus, because I will not be deviating from the agreement. I told her that if she didn’t like the arrangement, she knew the process to change it – being a change in custody. However after re-thinking the situation, I decided that I was being as immature as her dad, and well – there you go.

I did go ahead and make an appointment with an attorney to talk about a change in custody – based on the request by my younger daughter though. After hearing the rates for their services I was certain that I have chosen the wrong profession. That place charges $450.00 an hour. Holy hell – I am going to go broke talking to a lawyer. My husband and I go in tomorrow morning to talk about the process and get our questions answered. Then, we will make ANOTHER appointment for the girls to talk to them. I am not sure what is involved, but the person we talked to on the phone (one of the senior partners) made it sound pretty simple. I am sure it is anything but simple, because – well, it just would be too easy.

I would love to tell you about all of the exciting things we have done lately, or have planned for the upcoming weeks. But there really are none. I am in the trenches at work through October, so not much fun will be had here. God I love this job.