I am so upset. I am not sure where to begin..so I guess I will just start rambling.

I have worked my ass off in this job. I bend over backwards to accommodate our customer. I work nights, weekends, all the freaking time. I do whatever is asked of me and more. ALL THE TIME. And yet…and yet…. This morning during a meeting I asked a question of the customer – asked them to provide us with a document so that we could better understand their expectations from us over the weekend. Do you know what happened? I get this from my boss in our instant messenger:

Message history

Pain.in.the.ass.boss said at 9:40AM:

be nice – he (customer on the phone) is a little pissed at you for some reason right now. You are doing fine, just wanted you to be aware

Pain.in.the.ass.boss said at 9:40AM:

we can discuss later

Discuss later my ass.

I am full-force finding another job. Goal is to be out of here by December 1. I will give no notice. And I don’t care what job I end up with – as long as it is not here. Over-reacting? Maybe. But I don’t care.