Gimme my blankie!

As I am getting breakfast ready, I hear the monkeys in jungle getting restless. They are up in their beds shouting across the room to each other. I go upstairs and find them each crouching down in their beds, hiding behind their crib bumpers, peeking up and yelling at each other, then ducking back down again – all the while smiling. I am amazed at their ability to have a personality – a sense of humor all their own. It just developed without any help from me. How does this happen?

So as I am getting them out of bed, Cole decides that he MUST keep his doggy blanket with him (no, not the dog’s blanket – but a blanket that has doggies on it). He won’t put it down, so I give in and let him take it with him…no big deal. We get downstairs and I start to change their diapers and dress them for the day. Have you ever tried to dress a little person who will NOT let go of a blanket. I had to feed the stupid blanket through the arm holes and then put it on him – which was not a speedy process. I don’t know why he needed that blanket so badly, but there was no convincing him otherwise. He then took it in his highchair during breakfast and in the wagon for our walk. It wasn’t until we got back from the walk and he was marching around the living room the finally let the blanket go for a few brief moments. What is with this odd obsession out of nowhere? Cute – but odd.

I am now headed home where I will once again play single parent – as my husband is in San Francisco for the night…lucky man. He is going to dine on fresh seafood and pasta and I am going to scrounge for leftovers and will most likely end up eating kiddy meals that the boys won’t finish. I will put them to bed at 8, read for 20 minutes and go to bed early because what else is there to do? Work – I don’t think so. Read – been doing it ALL DAY at work. Watch mindless television – perhaps. Take a long, luxurious bath – that sounds like the best option so far.