I think back a few years ago to a time when things were hard at home, and I wonder what happened to make me so unhappy then. The difference between then and now is the difference between a third world country and Dallas, TX.

Then: Depressed, sad, lonely, over-worked, too much travel, focused only on work, running, and dieting, not much time with the girls, no real aspirations for my future, no real friends outside of work acquaintances.

Now: 2 more kids, a wonderful healthy relationship with my husband, a job I mostly enjoy, a fantastic time with the girls whenever I can see them. I still don’t have many friends outside of my family or people I chat with at work…but I have come to realize that it is my choice. I don’t have a lot of free time…very little in fact. With two toddlers and two teenage girls, work, husband, house, etc. there is just no extra time to spend with other people. It is a trade-off right now – I would have to give up something in order to foster friendships and honestly? I don’t want to trade anything. I really like my life. Sure – it is crazy and busy and hard. But – I like it. I like the crazy, busy, hard life that we have and I am for once enjoying every minute of it.