I have just returned from 3 wonderful days at the beach. This was our first family vacation with the boys…and I am pleasantly surprised to be reporting that 1) nobody was killed or even critically injured and 2) we may actually take all 4 kids on another vacation someday. It was that much fun.

I was dreading lugging two babies, two teenage girls, and all of their collective belongings anywhere. I was worried about the boys having to sleep in Pack-n-Plays since they have never slept anywhere but in their beds in our house. I was worried about them eating fast food and restaurant food the whole time. I was worried about the sun and their baby skin. I was worried pretty much about EVERYTHING.

I was worrying for NO. GOOD. REASON.

We had plenty of room: for all of the stuff we wanted to bring which included 2 playpens, 6 HUGE beach towels, a queen size blanket for the beach, toys for the boys, crazy amounts of diapers and wipes, clothes, bathing suits, pajamas, bathroom stuff, sunscreen, cards, bibs, tippy cups, a gazillion pacifies because I can never seem to find one when we need it, blankets, books, sun shelter, strollers, Floppy Seat covers, and god only knows what else. We had to use the car carrier, but it did all fit.

The boys slept fine: and even seemed to like being in the same room as us. The girls of course slept fine because they had their own room and could do whatever they wanted…which scared me, but by bedtime I really didn’t care what they did…cause, damn I was tired. Beach + babies = tired me.

The food was great and the boys ate pretty well. We had a little fridge in our room so we picked up some fruit to give them for snacks. We ordered fairly healthy food for breakfasts and did the best we could at most meals. A few lacked veges, but overall it was ok.

The boys didn’t get a sunburn. The only people burned were the girls, and that is only because they were too dense to put on sunscreen the first day. I warned them…but they don’t ever listen. Which is fine – wasn’t my skin that was burning. We coated the boys in sunblock every day and we also took a sun shelter (like a tent with no sides). They played and napped under this if we were on the beach. We also made them wear baseball hats if we were out walking around for any length of time – which they HATE, but would eventually quit trying to throw off.

I didn’t really forget anything – except for bottles. Which kind of sucked at first because I was worried the boys would freak out. They only drink one bottle a day now – at bedtime – but I was still worried…because that is what I do. Worry. But – they didn’t even seem to notice that they disappeared. They went to bed ok every night without them. They were pretty happy to have one last night when we got home, but I don’t imagine that weaning them will be a big deal at all.

All in all – a great time. If you have little kids and are dreading the family vacation – don’t. It was not all that bad, and honestly I can’t wait to do it again. Except for the whole "vacation costs money" thing.