There is always work.

A lot has happened in the past week.

I went out of town for work. To Wilmington. Where there really isn’t much to do. At all. Except work. And drink. So I did those two things quite a bit.

I came home from out of town tired – from all the working and drinking.

We then went to my husband’s dad house for most of the weekend, where we practiced telling the boys “no” and “no no”, “no, no, no" and "Damn it! I said no”.

They do not have any baby-proofing going on there, since all of their kids are grown up and gone and they don’t enjoy the esthetic value of baby locks and gates. Which, I totally don’t blame them for. But – this meant that my husband and I spent much time chasing babies and closing cabinets and moving lamps, and picking up plants, and, and, and …oh just recounting it makes me tired. So very tired.

We then came home and crashed and burned last night only to get up this morning facing work. Work sucks.