How to Make Friends...

I lost it yesterday – “it” being my shit. I totally went off on the nurses at the hospital. I don’t have a great reason, so I will blame it on hormones. The other night I was there getting ready to hold the monkeys and I noticed they were getting formula instead of breast milk. I was confused since I had just dropped off a lot of milk. I asked the nurse why she was giving them formula and I was told that she didn’t get the milk thawed in time and “well, I just had to throw out some breast milk because I forgot about it”. Ummmm….excuse me? I work my ass off to produce that crap and it is being forgotten about and then thrown out? What the fuck? I came home and announced that I was DONE pumping and that was final. Which of course irritated my husband.

So – the next morning I just went overboard. I lectured the physical therapist and the Neonatologist, along with the nursing staff listening in. Nice going huh?

Today I am less hormonal, but still irritated…however they are going to appease me and let me try breastfeeding the boys tomorrow. Must have made quite an impression.