Twelve. Come on say it with me….TWELVE. That – the number twelve – is the size of freaking jeans that I wear! Holy shit – when did that happen? Only 8 months ago I was in a size 4. Four. FOUR people – four. Again – feel free to join in – HOLY SHIT! Pregnancy is hard on a person. So hard. So big. So much weight to lose.

So – as you can see, I went to buy the first pair of post-pregnancy jeans. I am not quite three weeks post-babies, and am tired of elastic waist everything. So I have now been forced to face the inevitable – the massive amount of weight to be lost. And, I would like to say that it is frightening.

If you are reading this – and you are pregnant, put back that cookie – it WILL catch up with you and you WILL wish you had not eaten it. I am living proof!