3 years

Dearest husband,

You are the light of my life. You are an icon of patience and understanding.

When I think of our time together, it feels like forever and yet at the same time as if we only met yesterday. I remember so many wonderful times we have had –

- watching lightening in the distance while at Joe’s
- drinking beer, hanging out on that old road in Ft. Worth by Bell Helicopter watching the storm start up
- long lunches downtown involving wine and long conversations about nothing
- Can I kiss you?
- I love you MORE
- The Italian Crab
- This Coke – she’s a so cold
- Long, long phone conversations when you were out of the country working
- Cow ice cream
- Offering the cop tequila after he brought us back the license plate…yikes
- Walking down the snowy street in Whistler in the night – everything blanketed in beautiful snow
- Papa Luigi’s
- Running up that nightmare of a hill in St. Sauveur
- The first time I knew I loved you – watching you walk down the hall at the Manoir Saint-Sauveur. You were wearing Levi’s, a long sleeved white polo shirt, and loafers. My god – you were stunning.
- Our first real vacation together with the girls – St. Croix… “this is hot sand, ooooh oooooh ooooh”
- Our mutual love of music and those fantastic anniversary CDs you make us each year
- Picking out Shiner and Zieggy
- The birth of our boys

I love you so much. I hope that I make you at least a fraction as happy as you do me. You are my reason for living – I cannot imagine my life without you.

I love you babe - Happy Anniversary.