My Ever-Expanding Ass

Last night I slept like the dead. Why would we ever use such a morose saying? First of all, my heart kept beating and I continued to breath all night – and miracle of miracles, I am actually up and about today – so I suppose that the dead and I don’t have as much in common as that phrase might imply. I simply slept very well, which is new for me.

I have been having LOTS of trouble sleeping…falling asleep is easy most nights, but then I am awake only a few hours later and find it OH SO HARD to fall back to sleep. That is until morning when I should be getting up…then I am able to fall asleep easily. Figures.

Well last night I went to sleep around 10:30, woke up 1:30 - went back to sleep, woke up at 3:30 – went back to sleep, and slept in until almost 7. That is a serious record for me. I didn’t lay staring at the clock for even a second…I love that. However for some reason – and someone PLEASE explain this to me – I am still tired. What is up with that????

In other news, I am now officially 5 months pregnant. And, I am still working out! Go me. I actually made it to weight class last night and was able to survive most of it. I plan to go Thursday too if I am not too sore. I have been walking on days I don’t go to the gym, so hopefully I won’t end up in too bad of shape after this pregnancy… I am already so huge for me that I cannot see if any of this is helping…but I am hoping. For the first time in my life my legs look FAT. It makes me sad. My legs were the one thing that I could always count on – that and a flat stomach. My ass could get huge…but I always had great legs. Not so much now. I am meeting our friend Cellulite lately and I will tell you – I don’t like him. Not one bit. Bad friend.

OOOH – today starts my progesterone shots. Isn’t that exciting? Once a week for the next 16 weeks I get a shot in my ever-expanding butt. I. Just. Can’t. Wait.