Bad Pregnant Lady!

How much snot can a nose produce in 24 hours?

The amount is ENDLESS.

I have gone through 3 boxes of Kleenex this week. Which is insane. All of the used-to-be soft skin between my nose and upper lip is now sandpaper and I look like Rudolph. Stupid cold. I know I am getting old when a cold reduces me to a whiney, bitchy, moping, in-bed-for-4-days, pile of snot and Kleenex. I am sure work thinks I am an out for sympathy. I have only shown up for 1 day, and made it all of two hours before retreating home to the sofa where I proceeded to whine to the dogs and drink more grape juice than a person should in a year.

Today? Cold status = moved to my chest, which really has no room in it due to the HUGE BOOBS brought on by the HUGE belly full of babies. I now have the lovely smokers cough, which wakes the in-utero (is that a word?) regularly – and they don’t appear happy about it.

Me: cough, hack, wheez

Babies: kick, roll, kick really hard

Me: ouch

Babies: laughing uncontrollably feeling vindicated

I can only imagine what folks in public would think. Aw, look at that pregnant lady... oh my god, she must be a smoker. Bad pregnant lady. BAD!!!!!

So that is my life this week.