Does Nothing Fit Anymore?

A friend of mine brought me some of her no-longer-needed maternity clothes. They were fantastic – designer, cute, almost new, expensive – and guess what? They didn’t fit. All of the tops are too small because I now have a chest bigger than the state of Idaho. It is true. I have to have them flown around wherever I go. Ok – well that part isn’t true, but still – they are HUGE. So, I found myself at the useless-clothing-only-good-for-9-months maternity store last night looking for tops. I just can’t get over how expensive everything is. Expensive and BORING. I have lots of cute clothes – and I can’t wear them. It is driving me nuts.

I finally decided on a skirt and top at one store and a top and pair of capris at another store. This morning I put on one of the tops and pants and they were 1) way too big and 2) one was tearing at a seam. What the F? What happened to this clothing since last night? Did I freaking shrink? Now I have to take them back. That is how I want to spend my evening – in hell once again.