Doctors Suck.

I went to my 2nd doctor appointment today. I have no news. Do you know why? Because HE WASN'T THERE. But - they claim to have called me two days ago to reschedule, however they don't know what number they called, and they didn't leave a message. Nice don't you think? Strike 1.

Also, I have run out of my progesterone which I take nightly and which keeps me from having any bleeding...so the nurse was going to call some in to the pharmacy. I went to pick it up this evening, and they told me that they don't carry progesterone so the nurse decided I don't need it tonight - just come back to the Dr. office tomorrow. She didn't talk to the doctor, she just decided I don't need it tonight. Last time I quit taking it, I started bleeding. Idiot nurse. Strike 2.

Keep it up Dr. Dumbass...keep it up.

Aside from that pissing story- everything is good here. We had a wonderful holiday and I am on vacation this week. I gave all of my employees the holidays off, so now it is my turn. Yeah! I have been looking for baby furniture and going over our budget and wondering how on earth we are going to afford daycare - for TWO. My god it is expensive. How do people do it? HOW? up to 1800.00 per month. Save me!