It's Just Money

Our 9 week doctor’s appointment went well. The doctor was very very unhappy with the stupid nurse that decided I didn’t need progesterone anymore, and he promptly put me back on it. No problems since then. He is the greatest. If only he didn’t talk like he was reading from a book. I was seriously trying not to laugh once again. My husband got to meet him this time and found his way of speaking equally as funny as I do.

We have decided not to do CVS or Amnio (tests involving needles and pain) and have decided on NT Scan instead. This is a detailed sonogram that will hopefully rule out Down Syndrome. They will do the scan next week and we will then follow that up with the Cerclage. This will be where they sew my cervix shut so I don’t deliver early – fun to be had for all. How do they come up with this stuff? Amazing.

One thing we found out that didn’t make us very happy was the fact that Aetna (my insurance company) won’t cover the lab tests that are part of the NT Scan – only the sonogram part. They claim that it is not proven to show anything and they only pay for Amnio or CVS. These are two very invasive procedures that would carry a 2% miscarriage rate – which we really are not comfortable with. They are also MORE expensive than the scan. Stupid insurance. Makes no sense. So now we have to fork over $100.00 for the lab work. And although this doesn’t sound like much money, we are just embarking on paying for my husband’s school loans from his MBA and are still paying for the IVF procedure that got me pregnant in the first place. The thought of paying for two babies is starting to weigh heavy on me. Daycare – up to $1800.00 per month. However will we afford it????